Portos and Lagos

“The Adventures of Erin”

Lisbon just isn’t enough for you, is it? You head to Porto and do your best to drain their supply of port wine. You fail, but that’s alright – a nice rich couple and their pet monkey invite you all on their yacht to drink champagne. Sure the monkey’s weird, but they offer to take you to Lagos so you don’t have to ride the train. You beach the rest of your days away until you venture back to the good ol’ US of A.

Your co-workers ask how your trip was through gritted, jealous teeth. They say they wished this Choose Your Own Adventure was longer. But this isn’t billable work, and you really, really, need to pack so you can actually get to Portugal in the first place.

You send Tim Rodgers, Sr. all your travel notes. He adds them as a 2019 addendum to his “Portugal 2008” PowerPoint presentation.

You get Taco Bell and Mr. Wizard’s custard since you’ve been deprived of them for nine whole days.

You live happily ever after.